Rebel Roundup - 6/14/10

Not Ole Miss related, I'm aware, but a badass photograph regardless. Tim Howard is the reason the US escaped the England match with a 1-1 draw, B'lee dat.

World Cup
Anybody else get amped about that this weekend? Anybody else relieved although slightly disappointed with a draw against England? Anyboyd else scared shitless of the possibility of playing the Germans next round?

Or are you just tired of hearing about all this sissy commie froo-froo soccer bullshit?

It's everywhere and the only thing people seem to be interested in right now. Let's just go one-by-one with some links from around SBN. First, DawgSports asks whether or not the SEC should expand and, if such an expansion were to happen, who should the conference add? There's even a poll! I KNOW YOU LOVE POLLS! VOTE NOW! And, if you're voting for Texas A&M, then you're apparently leaning in the right direction. They're interested in the SEC, just as Mike Slive and Co. are interested in the Aggies. And now, I know you're curious as to how such a merger could benefit the Tennessee volunteers, which is great because Rocky Top Talk has your curiosities covered! And then TSK drops a bit of asnark-bomb on the whole situation.

Who knows--if y'all are lucky, the Cup might get all snark-rageous with some of this soon (don't count on that, though).

Can Tennessee Survive September and October? | TeamSpeedKills
TSK breaks down the Vols schedule nicely and has this to say bout the Vols' upcoming date with the Rebels:

The bad news is that Tennessee could be 4-5 or even 3-6 when this game kicks off. The good news is that this is the hardest game remaining on the schedule. Win a fifth game here, and the Vols could split the Vanderbilt-Kentucky finale for a bowl bid, or sweep for a seven-win season, which would have to be seen as a resounding success for Derek Dooley. Of course, if the showdown with the Rebels is loss No. 6, the games against the 'Dores and the 'Cats still leave an opportunity for a 13th game. But losing a seventh game if the team starts 3-6 would, obviously, be a death knell for postseason dreams.

That Countdown Thingy
I could only find this picture of Carlos Suggs for our jersey-numbers countdown. Any other #81 suggestions? Because, if not, we'll just keep it trucking tomorrow.

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