Ron Morris: Columnist, Race baiter, Douche

So, Ron Morris, columnist for The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, penned a somewhat damning piece on Ole Miss' refusal to grant basketball transfer and S. C. native Murphy Holloway a release to either the University of South Carolina or Clemson University. Sadly, rather than sticking to pertinent arguments in support of his case, Mr. Morris saw fit to include a completely unnecessary, ridiculous jab at Ole Miss in what would or could have been the catalyst to an informed discussion and/or debate regarding one of the many counter-productive, self-defeating NCAA rules on the books in Indianapolis. Undeniable evidence Ron Morris is a race-bating hack after the jump! 



What a Douche...


In Holloway's case, Mississippi is the institution that stooped to new lows. Even though Holloway no longer was a student or athlete at Mississippi, the athletics director and basketball coach denied his transfer to either South Carolina or Clemson - his first two preferences.


Should we be surprised? Hardly. This is the state where only in the past decade have fans stopped waving the Confederate flag at Mississippi home football games. This is the school that until a year ago hung on to its mascot, Colonel Reb, a caricature of what appears to be a white antebellum plantation owner.

Seriously, Ron???

As (I presume) a seasoned journalist of the largest newspaper in South Carolina, do you really lack the skills needed to present a valid argument based on facts? Are you truely so petty as to resort to a pathetic attempt of waving the race card around in what is an obvious case of "business is business"? If anything is stooping to new lows, Mr. Morris, it's your professional integrity.

I mean, come on. You're a writer in South Carolina - a state all too familiar with having an affinity for the romanticized Old South. Hasn't your state dealt with its own fair share of, shall we say, "public relations struggles" resulting from, among other things, flying the Confederate flag over the state capitol? See what I did there, Ron? That's right. I can interject simultaneously irrelevant and hypocritical cheap shots that add nothing to my argument, too. Where's my press pass?

As for the original point of your column, I will say as a proud alumnus of the University of Mississippi, I tend to agree for the most part. The UM Athletic Department should - assuming there wasn't prior improper contact between the two parties - allow Murphy to go on scholarship and play at Clemson. There's really no reason to hinder his ability to continue his basketball career and move on in his life.

That said, I'm sure sportswriters of "new media" appreciate your contribution to the continued growing irrelevance of the newspaper business. Congrats, Ronaldo.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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