Georgia Sucks!


It’s true. Georgia really does suck.  

While none of the following statistics mean anything in the context of a single game, or even in terms of a three-game series, I have found some balm in them for the bruising to my normally irrepressible ebullience occasioned by the last three Ole Miss games.  Of course, Georgia just might break out of its slump this weekend, just as Tennessee used the Rebels to climb out of the SEC basement. But Georgia is so bad – in all aspects of the game – that I just don’t see that happening.  With the caution that Ole Miss baseball outings are nothing if not surprising, consider these SEC statistical rankings:

·        Georgia’s woes begin on the mound:  The Bulldogs are 12th in the SEC in team ERA, 8.62 compared to the next worse (11th) team at .519 [Tennessee. Oops]. Ole Miss and Georgia Friday starters compare at 1.65 vs. 4.46; Saturday starters at 2.22 vs. 8.62; Sunday starters at TBA vs 8.24.    

·        Not surprisingly, given Georgia’s atmospheric ERA, Georgia is also 12th in opponents’ batting average, hits allowed and home runs allowed; they are 11th in runs allowed; 12th with fewest wins, most losses and fewest saves in the SEC. Georgia pitchers also have the most wild pitches, most balks, second most pass balls and rank 9th in total Ks.

·        The Dogs aren’t much, if any, better at the plate. The team batting average is 9th in the conference, slugging percentage is 11th, OBP 12th.  Georgia batters have the 2nd highest number of strikeouts [but the Rebels are 4th] and its baserunners have the fewest overall runs through 29 games. It seems impossible, but Georgia batters have grounded into even more double plays than have the Rebs [2nd in the SEC vs. Ole Miss’s tie for 3rd].

·        One ominous stat, of which Bianco no doubt has taken note:  Georgia has allowed the most sac bunts of any SEC team [while OM has allowed the least]. Those of you who are concerned that Bianco has not utilized the bunt enough this season [what, no one?], take heart. We’ll surely be bunting our way to victory in Athens this weekend.

If Ole Miss can't begin to get well against these Bulldogs, it will be, paradoxically, a very long season indeed, and one much shorter than that to which we have become accustomed.

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