Hecklin': LSU

[ED: Sneak a Leak does it again. Get on it and post whatever hot hecklin' action you've got below. Have fun at the series and Double Decker and do whatever you can despite that bastard rain.]


These are your outfielders for the upcoming series against the most hated fans in SEC-LAND.

Trey Watkins, #3-First name is actually Clarence. Called Trey, because he is the third of his kind. Trey was a good player, but he collided with Austin Nola during the Georgia series and took out his elbow.   Unlikely to play, but if he does, you can ask him about how his elbow feels, after all, his facebook says: "WANNA KNOW ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT ME...FEEL FREE TO HOLLA!"

Mikie Mahtook, #8  This is Mikie Mahtook, with his girlfriends/sisters. I honestly can't tell which, and neither could the people who commented on this photo.  Mikie is from the other Lafayette.  No offense, Oxonians, but it's the one that is pronounced correctly.  Mahtook didn't travel with the team for the midweek game due to an undisclosed illness this Tuesday, and I'm only going to assume it's something really embarrassing.  You should, too. Use your imagination. Something I've learned from my experiences in Alex Box: LSU fans scream for the right fielder to tip his hat when he comes out to play defense. Mahtook always does for his fans.  Let's see if he'll do it for us.

Give it to Mikie, he'll eat anything.

Alex Edward, #13-Alex's facebook page is bare, but one important detail was left for us to see. He is a fan of Michael Oher. I would say cut the kid some slack but LSU can go to hell. His mom's name is Gladys.  He's a freshman and likely won't play.

Johnny Dishon, #21: Johnny will likely be taking over for Trey. This is Johnny's profile picture.  That's the his newborn child, and the reason we totally hate him, all in one picture.  He's engaged, because he knocked some girl up because they love each other.  The baby's name is Parker (and it's a girl), if you are that much of an asshole.  The fiancé's name is Kristy...I think his last name is pronounced like the mustard, but with a hard SHHH. His sister Shelby is likely in Junior High School if you'd like to go there.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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