Dexter McCluster Draft Profile

Holy moley, some of our best players are leaving for the professional ranks! Whether it be money, fame, or an opportunity to live in Oakland, a few of the most memorable Ole Miss Rebel footballers are making their way out of Oxford to play ball on the next level. What would their potential money-stuffed suitors like to know about each and every one of them? We at the Cup know!

Dexter McCluster - Wide Receiver
Weight: 175
40: 4.43 at Ole Miss Pro Day
Rebel Career Stats:
Second all-time in career all purpose yards (4,089)
Seventh all-time in career rushing yards (1,955)
1,703 career receiving yards
Only player in SEC history with over 1,000 (1,169) and 500 receiving yards (520) in a single season
All-SEC honors in 2008 and 2009


Incredibly quick; Fantastic vision; has a knack for producing the big play when it's needed


Slightly undersized; Fast, but not a burner; Durability issues as a freshman and sophomore

The Skinny

Dexter McCluster is lightning in a bottle. He helped to save a season for the Rebels that was doomed offensively. While many fans were horrified that he might get hit too hard on a play and break something, he proved those fans wrong during his final two seasons in Oxford. McCluster chruned out several 50+ yard runs as a senior after being given duties as a full-time halfback. While he's a good receiver, with McCluster it's all about making plays when the ball is in his hands. The easiest way to get him the ball is to hand it to him. I think his future is at halfback.

Who Should Take Him, and When?

I think that wherever Dex ends up needs to be a place that's willing to use him in a variety of ways. If he suffers the same fate as Percy Harvin did as a rookie in Minnesota, I think the team that has taken him will have sold him short. You can't take a player like McCluster or Harvin and line them up solely as a slot receiver. Because of this, I would guess a team with a coach who has shown he's willing to think outside the box would be a good place for Dexter. Obviously, the Saints would be a nice landing spot, but with Reggie Bush already in the fold, it's highly unlikely Dex ends up there. A team who has shown a willingness to throw to their halfbacks and is in desparate need of a playmaker is the Detroit Lions. While I think their second round pick is too high to spend on McCluster due to perceived value, I could see them trading up into the late second to nab him. Of note, Dex has worked out for the Lions.

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