Rebel Roundup - 3/17/10 - Keepin' it Irish

You know what, Mr. Tortoise? I am.

Get Your Irish On
Do you like wearing green, tweed, or green tweed? Do you think James Joyce pwns Dickens, Hemingway, Dumas, and any other non-Irish fiction writer? Do you think the English are poncy bastards who deserve, if anything, a solid fist right in their poorly-maintained teeth?

No? None of those things?

Well, do you like drinking and singing songs 'n' other boisterous shit? You're damn right you do. We're gonna keep it Irish on the Cup today to celebrate the worlds greatest "Cultural of Alcohol" and their subsequent resistance to change thereof.

Rebels Pound Out Hits in 17-1 Win |
Who'da thunk that drawing fourteen walks and cranking fourteen hits is a winning baseball formula? Yesterday was essentially batting practice for our number 19-ranked Rebels as they embarrassed the Golden Lions at Swayze Field. I wouldn't take too much away from this other than a simple "hot damn, UAPB is bad."

Taylor Hashman Sets Run Record |
Hashman scored six runs in last night's rout of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, breaking a record set by Bobby Wilson in 1948. Wilson could not be reached for comment on this Rebel baseball milestone because he is, presumably, dead.

Boone: Plan in Place To Combat Basketball Apathy | Brandt
Here's a plan: go to the NCAA tournament. Actually, I've got some ideas which I'll toss out in a longer, more full-posty form sometime today.

We Play Troy Tonight in the NIT | Montgomery Advertiser
Does anybody really care? Well I (sorta) do! HOT NIT ACTION LAST NIGHT as the number-one seed Arizona State got upset by the Jacksonville [MASCOT]s and their gritty cinderella bid! Jackson State also fell as Mississippi State pounded them in the Hump (while Dee Bost got "pounded" in his own right). Texas Tech defeated Seton Hall as The North Carolina Tarheells (are in the NIT, WTF LOL) got the better of William and Mary. NC State and UConn (also, the fuck are y'all doing in the NIT?) were also winner.

Wow, I've definitely (maybe) overdone the parentheticals. Regardless, the NIT bracket can be found here for the seven of you still watching. Is your bracket busted yet BECUZ MINES SO IS!

OMTB or Juco will have a preview of the game up later. Promise.

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