Rebel Roundup - 2/10/10

Roundball Rally To Be Held Tuesday At Coliseum |
On the 16th, a pep-rally of sorts will be held at the Tad Pad.  90% of you will go because they'll be announcing the results of the ASB elections, another 8% of you will go solely for the free t-shirt, and the other 2% will actually be engaging in the rally for rallying purposes.  I would normally support this idea if it were, you know, actually before a basketball game.  Instead, they're asking people to file into the Tad Pad and leave about 20 minutes later after announcing Hoyt Brumley (his dad owns a Hyundai dealership) as the ASB President and shooting rolled up shirts out of a potato cannon.

Ole Miss Athletics Administration: please put more thought into these things.

Bulldogs, Rebels need to pick up the pace | Commercial Appeal SEC Blog
I see what you're saying, Commercial Appeal guy, I really do; but don't you think the SEC West at large needs to pick up the pace?  It's pretty sad that the two teams picked to win the division each have four losses, but no one team is truly dominating anyone.

Women target No. 5 Lady Vols | The Clarion-Ledger
The Lady Rebels have swept the Tigers (purp' 'n' yaller, not urnch 'n' blue) for the season and now look to face the juggernaut Lady Vols.  With six games left, Ladner's squad is third in the conference.  A strong finish (which, realistically, won't include a victory over Tennessee) will have these girls dancing for sure.

Forde Minutes: 40 names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college hoops | ESPN
Nashville is the best college town in the SEC?  Interesting.  I guess New York is the best college town in the Ivy League, New Orleans in the CUSA, Atlanta in the ACC, Los Angeles in the Pac-10, et cetera.  They're called college towns for a reason, Pat.  Nashville is a cool place, but it wouldn't exactly be a stoplight-and-a-Chevron without Vanderbilt--as would Oxford without Ole Miss or Athens without UGA.  Also, Oxford was mentioned as one of the worst college basketball towns in the SEC which, while upsetting, isn't exactly untrue.

Coaches know how to find loopholes around NCAA signing day limitations | ESPN
Ivan Maisel does an excellent job of explaining some crucial recruiting limitations, how coaches have exploited loopholes--some mockingly so (Houston Nutt, duh)--causing recent scrutiny to be placed on the practices of grayshirting and inviting walk-ons.

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