Updated +/- Numbers for Ole Miss Basketball

There seemed to be some interest in the concept after my post the other night, so I figured I'd post again with the updated numbers. These are updated through last night's game

Buckner 69
Graham 58
N Williams 54
Gaskins 47
Henry 36
Warren 36
Short 32
Nelson 15
D Williams 6
Bogan -4
Cox -9

The UALR game was a game that the Rebels needed, Chris scored 18 points on 10 shots. He had 7 assists and 5 rebounds as well. and Reggie proved what has been brought up on this site by multiple people... he is the most important player on the team. In big games, we will go as he goes. When he was on the court, we were +27. We won that game by 14 points. Here are the +/- #s from that game. I added in points scored to illustrate that there's more to impacting the game than scoring.

Player Points +/-
Buckner 14 27
Gaskins 11 16
Warren 18 15
N Williams 5 13
Henry 8 6
Graham 17 6
Cox 0 -3
Short 2 -4
Nelson 9 -6

One thing to bear in mind with the UALR game is that the starters - Warren, Williams, Gaskins, Henry, and Buckner - were all spotted a +14. It was 14-0 Rebels when we made our first sub. That should put into better context how good Reggie was against the Trojans... everywhere but the FT line.

Needless to say, the numbers from last night's thrashing of MVSU skewed the numbers higher than they had been. Will Bogan was last of the 11 players who played last night with a +3. Before that, Dundrecous had been the only player to bring up the tail end with a non-negative number with his 0 against PnSt.

Player Points +/-
Gaskins 15 27
Short 8 21
Henry 14 19
N Williams 10 19
Warren 18 17
Cox 10 17
Nelson 10 15
Graham 2 9
Buckner 7 7
D Williams 4 6
Bogan 3 3

A 3rd straight great game for Gaskins +/-wise. I don't think any good game plan has Trevor taking 2x as many FGs as anyone else like he did last night, but over the last 3 games, we're +57 when he's on the court. Nick is 2nd best at +36. He's a great rebounder and annoying as hell to the players he guards.

Chris topped his +15 with a very solid +17 last night in limited (for him) minutes. He scored 18 again, this time on only 7 shots.

I'll update after each game as time permits. I compile everything for my own amusement, might as well share it if others are interested.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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