Tony's Tailgate Challenge Update

ED: As many of y'all are aware, RedStickRebel, Koban, or whatever it is you wanna call him, is representing Ole Miss in the Tony's Tailgate Challenge with his undeniably delicious smoked duck gumbo. Here's an update and, if you get the chance, vote and tell your friends to vote too.

Standings as of Oct 20:

1. MSU (WTF, Brah?),  2. Auburn,  3. LSU,  4. Ole Miss,  5. Arkansas,  6. Bama

Thanks for all the votes so far and for letting me continue to use the Cup as a place to do a little campaigning. We were sitting in second and looking like a lock for the top three cook off, but I'm afraid we are now backed into a corner with under two weeks left in the voting. last week, Mississippi State's hotdog shoved into a meatball recipe [ED: I read the recipe and it is literally a damned hot dog wrapped in ground beef. That's the most culinarily interesting thing Oktibbeha County can produce?] inexplicably vaulted into 1st and LSU's contingent stepped it up to push us back to 4th, one spot out of the cook off. I saw a previous fan post saying that this will get a front page link in the final week, and for that I am very grateful, but I thought that it was prudent to fill everyone in on the current state which sadly has Ole Miss on the outside looking in. The cup voters are largely responsible for getting the gumbo up to 2nd, but after suddenly slipping to 4th, it is clear that we must remain vigilant.

I come to you now as a Rebel, alumnus, a lover of great food to tell you that it is up to us to rid the world of this horrible injustice, this atrocity. An authentically cajun, made completely from scratch, gumbo featuring a smoked duck, homemade Tasso, and Andouille simply cannot be beaten by a pig in a meat blanket. I challenge you now to put the voting page in a small window on your computer, leave it open all the time and click that murf when you're waiting for a report to print, or a project to save, or for your porn to load. Together, we have the power to be victorious, not only for me and the Rebel Nation, but for people everywhere who appreciate good food. [DO IT RIGHT NOW UNLESS YOU WANT AN OSCAR MEYER STUFFED INSIDE OF A BIG MAC TO REPRESENT THE MAGNOLIA STATE]

Let me leave you with this thought:

Despite the differences in our fan base's feelings on the mascot, I think we could all agree that Rebel the Bear would love a pic-a-nic basket full of good gumbo. As for the Col, where else would that guy go in his retirement other than NOLA to eat great gumbo and wait at his old vacation home near the Sugar Bowl for his Rebels to make their triumphant return to glory in the Big Easy? Of course, he's probably upgraded to a place in the garden district next to Commander's Palace since the old place was over near Tulane Stadium.

Thank you again for your time, and continue to spread the word of justice. Hotty Toddy.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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