Blogpoll Week 8

It was a busy weekend for your resident Blogpoll correspondent.  From Thursday night to Sunday afternoon, I was busy with some charity work that I do on the regular.  Consequently, I watched ZERO college football, making me absolutely unqualified to do a Blogpoll ballot.  Will that stop me?  Nosireebob.  But it will change my strategy a bit.  Your normal resume balloting will return next week when I will I'll probably stop being so tough on two-loss teams.  Any other criteria changes you'd like to see, just let me know.

This week, though, we're totally switching gears.  For the last seven weeks, my ballot has been consistently whacky, landing Red Cup Rebellion in the category of "Mr. Bold," for ballots that are most deviant from the poll.  So, I thought, why not try to predict what the poll will be.  This week, I attempt to be Mr. Numb Existence.

The key to being Mr. Numb Existence is to start with last week's poll.  Oregon was at the top for bloggers in Week 7, and no one behind them did enough to snatch the top spot away.  I am betting that bloggers will be bullish on Auburn, though.

1.  Oregon

2.  Boise State

3.  TCU

4.  Auburn

5.  Oklahoma

Because their schedules are, otherwise, very gelatenous, bloggers are going to punish the shit out of Ohio State and Nebraska.  And, even though they are undefeated, LSU is losing luster fast.

6.  LSU

7.  Michigan State

8.  Alabama

9.  Utah

10. Wisconsin

The Top 10 was pretty easy, honestly.  Bloggers hate Utah, who was at 12 last week, but three teams lost ahead of them.  I don't think the bloggers will advance Wisconsin from 21 to 9.  It's after the Top 10 where I might have a hard time being in complete agreement with the consensus.

11.  Ohio State

12.  Stanford

13.  Oklahoma State

14.  Iowa

15.  MIssouri

16.  Florida State

17.  Arizona

18.  Nebraska

19.  Arkansas

20.  South Carolina

21.  Texas

22.  Miami

23.  USC

24.  Mississippi State

25.  West Virginia

Okay, there it is.  My attempt to go completely with the flow.  I did not jumping of similarly situated teams from the previous week (so, since the bloggers like Oklahoma State better than Mizzou in Week 7, I assumed they would do the same in Week 8).  I dropped folks like Florida, Nevada, and Air Force, and tried to fill in the rest using the AP Poll (nothing says "blind, unthinking consensus" like the AP!). 

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