Rebel Roundup - 1/14/10

Red Cup Radio
It was a good show last night, albeit brief.  Give it a listen when you can.

No More Football
We are no longer a football blog.  Ok, we are, but we've just switched "seasons" here at the Cup and when you click the links up top (Rebels, Roster, etc) basketball information should come up as opposed to football information.

Mississippi Rebels vs. Georgia Bulldogs Recap | ESPN
If you missed Eniel's high-risk, high-reward, high-level-of-baller play to seal last night's game, visit ESPN's recap.  They've got it in a video recap alongside stuff like "words" and "numbers" which should explain just how close a game we played last night.

Polynice's Heads-Up Play Gives Ole Miss Win | LA Times
Here is the Associated Press' take on the game, via the Los Angeles Times. 

Georgia Loses Close Game against Ole Miss | Atlanta Journal Constitution
From the UGA perspective at the Atlanta Journal Constitution comes a very good recap.

I’m thinking to myself that you have to be kidding me...Our coaches were yelling because [Thompkins] looked confused. [Polynice] saw they were face-guarding [Terrico White], so he made a pretty smart play.

Those are Andy Kennedy's words.  I thought the exact same thing, coach; just before laughing, that is.

Nutt Denies Contact With Tennessee |
WARNING: there is a scarier-than-Hell picture of Houston Nutt beyond that link.  You've been warned. 

And as we have all come to expect, a coaching vacancy of some sort leaves us with a half-dozen "Nutt to coach for so-and-so" rumors.  I'd imagine most of us are immune to this already. 

Houston Nutt Named FCA Coach Of The Year |
Giggity Hosannah on High!  The Right Reverend Houston Dale has won some sort of prize for who-knows-what.  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes cited their reasoning thusly:

His teams at Murray State, Arkansas and Ole Miss played to a high level and set standards of excellence. Coach Nutt has always encouraged the ministry of FCA, and his players have been involved on and off campus. We are pleased to honor him as our 2009 FCA Grant Teaff Coach of the Year.

And lo, as the prophet Elisha once spoke, "Hotteth Toddeth, O' gracious Lord, as we have trampled through Hell itself, who might we become?  Flimmith Flammeth Bimmeth Bammeth, O' Mississippi, unto our damnation." #whatthehellamIdoing #wait #hashtagsdontworkonblogs #ohwell 

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