Rebel Roundup - 1/12/10

Ole Miss dips to no. 21 | Clarion Ledger
WHY THE NEGATIVE SLANT, DAVID?!  This article tells you nothing that you shouldn't aready know; just read it anyway.

Rebels Head East to Georgia |
After dropping the SEC opener to an expectedly good, albeit quite inconsistent, Mississippi State team, Andy Kennedy and his Rebels are looking to get their first SEC win against the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens.  Here are the official notes from the official site.  Honestly, this is one the Rebels should win, despite Coach Kennedy's difficulties with winning on the road.  Nothing is guaranteed, however, and it wouldn't be horribly shocking if the Rebels were to drop this one.

LSU, AU, Ole Miss, and UT Fans Suck | Capstone Report
So a fan base which includes JTBowtie, Ricky the Ranting Racist, Ramp Lady, big-ass Bear Bryant tattoo sideshow motherfucker, and Cowboy in Tennessee (actually, I like Cowboy) thinks it can tell us that our fans suck?  And why?  Because folks (namely, Friends of the Program) made fun of the Wal-Mart/Dr. Pepper BCS Trophy presentation tour. 

Give me a break.

As I said in a comments thread before, if you feel the need to stick up for your school or program within a week of winning the BCS National Title then you've got some seriously thin skin.  Yes, I realize that this wasn't the university's idea, as Wal-Mart and Dr. Pepper are both corporate sponsors of the BCS and, if Texas were to have won, the trophy would be taking a big box store tour through the Lone Star State.  I get that.  What you don't get is that we hate you and your fans.  Wal-Mart didn't so much change this.  And we're not necessarily talking about the fans who are actually, you know, students and alumni of the University of Alabama, but the millions of crass cro-magnans who walk around wearing XXL script "A" tees and reeking of burnt popcorn.  ROW TAHD ROW BABY!

And yes, I also get the fact that and all of the "ha lol look at the Bama fans" is a bit elitist.  I have even said amongst friends that I find to be disturbing in that it is simply a socially acceptable forum for people to mock the poor.  But you, a part of the very same fan base that calls Auburn University "All Barn Cow College," seriously need to

when it comes to such matters. You're not above this, don't pretend like you are.

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