Rebel Roundup - 9/22/09

Wow, that escalated quickly
Smeargle's FanPost on the idea that our Rebels are overrated really drew the ire out of a ton of us.  Fifty comments on a FanPost?  Wow.  I must admit, I kinda went a bit far by calling a dude out that didn't deserve to be called out, so I'm not without any fault here, but let's all take a few pills and ease on out of there.  While disagreement, cussin', and gettin' testy are all welcomed around here, I don't want us to lose sight of the fact that we're all fans of the same team here....well, save for GonzoHog, WallaceWade, ARTiger, Kleph, et cetera, et al, et cetera.

To clarify
Nobody--save for me--did anything wrong.  Nobody is getting banninated or warned or any of that.  I just see potential for this to go overboard and I don't want it to.  Keep on keepin on as you are, just don't take it too far.  Kthxbai.

Race to the Roses | Burnt Orange Nation
Although we haven't really done much of anything, being in the top five earns you the right to be in the discussion as a "title contendor."

Monday's Practice | David "The Dastardly Rogue" Brandt
Quickly: Rodney Scott is lookin' solid, Gerald Harris is recovering nicely, and Greg Hardy was in pads.  Quoth the gr3gxxz,

"I just know I feel good in the wraps on both feet. I could feel better. I don't feel like Greg Hardy yet. But I do feel like I can contribute to the team."

Ah yes, the use of the third person when the first will suffice.  Will I ever grow tired of that enigmatic twist on the English language?  And yes, gr3gxxz is "probable" for this Thursday night.

One Play Defines...Ole Miss' TB | AP Wire
This one is almost too short and fairly worthless aside from the fact that it serves as a reminder of Brandon Bolden's second run from scrimmage on Saturday.  You surely remember it, don't you?  You know, where he stiff-armed some dude's face inside-the-fuck-out?  Yeah, that was strong.  Bolden says we should expect more of that. 

No time to rest for Carolina |
Wait, which Carolina?  Because, like, there are two of 'em, aren't there?  Okay, jokes about the somewhat haughty claim the Gamecocks have taken over the "Carolina" monniker aside, this is a pretty good look at the health issues facing the Gamecock defense and just how they are preparing for Thursday night's game. 

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