BlogPoll Roundtable - Week 1

Every week, Brian Cook, executor of the Blogpoll, has someone do a Blogpoll roundtable - start up a little discussion on contemporary issues in college football.  This week, the prompter is Doug Gillett of Hey Jenny Slater, everyone's second favorite Georgia Dawg Blawg. 

Doug's prompts and our responses follow after the jump.

1. Without naming names, a few teams seem to have popped up frequently on everyone's "overrated" lists in the preseason, so let's forget about them for the moment and concentrate on a different group: sleepers. Which currently unheralded team are you currently putting at least a few of your chips behind in the hopes that you'll be able to say "totally called that" once they've accomplished big things by the end of the season?

For RCR, it has to be Miami.  Even though they came in relatively low on the RCR ballot (#23) and the Blogpoll (#25), they are solidly in the middle of the "Also Recieving Votes" pack in the minds of the writers and coaches.  Meanwhile, Randy Shannon is sitting on a mound of talent that, like a Jackson skycraper, looks pretty darn big compared to its surroundings.  Who else, ACC?  If Miami is going to make its jump back into significance, now looks like the year.

2. In a similar vein, pick a sleeper player on your team whom nobody's talking about right now and tell us why we will be talking about them by December.

It's tough because with our hard-hitting coverage, there really isn't anybody of consequence that we haven't been talking about.  And as the well-lit dark horse of the nation, lots of folks are trying to pick out that unheralded Ole Miss player, so that they won't be doing the same old stories about Kevin Sneed and crazy old Houston.  But I'm going to pull out my .gif stars and say Pat Patterson, who looks well-positioned to be the deep threat replacement for Mike Wallace.  Patterson won't have a 1,000-yard season or double-digit touchdowns, but I predict his yards-per-catch will be turning heads when the Rebels are winding up that undefeated regular season.

3. Florida is about as big a consensus favorite as we've seen in recent years, but remember, USC got 62 out of 65 first-place votes in the AP's 2007 preseason poll and still managed to lose to Stanford. Given how difficult it is to go undefeated period these days, where do you think the Gators are most likely to stumble in the regular season?

South Carolina is, 2008 excepted, a pretty regular thorn in Florida's side.  Most folks point to the Cocktail Party (and Kyle King gives ridiculous reasons why it will be an underwhelming) Georgia.  However, considering the recent history of the series, my vote is LSU.  Florida has lost to an SEC West team something like the last 10 years straight.  We all remember the lone 2008 loss in the Swamp.  And the Tigers have played Florida closer than anyone else has recentely (ed: outside of Ole Miss).

4. Which regular-season game not involving your team or conference are you most looking forward to this year?

OU-Texas.  This is going to be one of the great Red River Shootouts of the series' long and storied life.

5. In honor of Georgia's opening-weekend opponent and their most prolific booster, let's say you somehow come into T. Boone Pickens money and can buy anything you want for your program -- facilities upgrades, an airplane for recruiting, buy out the contract of that coach you hate, you name it. Where does your first check go?

I'd hire the most qualified Ole Miss partisan bloggers I could find at a tremendous salary.

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