Observations from the Phil Steele Preview.

Since its been slow, I'll rehash a post I did on Nafoom.

I saw the close loss factor mentioned under a previous fanpost, and I had written up some things I noted when perusing the SEC portion of the PS mag.  I was waiting for his preview to 'buy in' to the preseason hype as he is imo the most detailed and thorough analyst .

My first observation was in regards to the South Carolina game.  Its been mentioned as to how much of a 'trap' game that is; however, one of his takes is that SC is mentioned in his Negatives due to lack of experience and lack of returning starters.

This year only three teams fall into the final category of 60.5 % or less lettermen returning, 11 or less returning starters and an inexperienced QB. These teams have only a 10% chance of improving their record. They are Navy, South Carolina, and Missouri*

* The magazine lists MSU in this category, but then lists them again in the next one up (78.5 % - same or weaker record, lists MSU, WVU, NMSU, and Ball St.). However, Mizzou is listed in the inset box with Navy and SC so am assuming that MSU was a misprint in the quoted text above and has been replaced with Mizzou.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting; they do play Georgia on 9/12 whereas that is our SEC opener. And under his preview he does think they can surprise some folks this year (4th in the SEC East).

The most obvious thing is that OL is our weakest link. I think everyone knows that going in.  We're very thin and any injury could dramatically change our outlook.  Additionally, per his rankings, ST also appears questionable and LB as well.

Our unit rankings are:
QB = 14
RB = 14
WR = 29
OL = NR in top 33 he has mentioned we are close to his top 32.
DL = 4
LB = 16 (mentions us being a step back from last year)
DB = 16

Basically, he does not give much of a difference between us, LSU and Bama.
We are listed as #6 in his Top 40 and #5 in the Power Poll.
Predicts for us to have our first top 10 since '69.

I added the following observations about our individual rankings as well:

QB - Jevan Snead: 5th rated QB overall, 2nd (team) SEC
RB - Cordera Eason: 34th overall, 4th SEC
RB - Enricky Davis, 48th overall
WR - Dex, 2nd SEC
WR - Shay Hodge, 2nd SEC
C - Daverin Geralds, 2nd SEC (surprised he wasn't in the top 44 centers)
OG - Reid Neely, 32nd overall, 4th SEC
OG - Rishaw Johnson, 40th overall
OT - John Jerry, 6th overall, 3rd AA, 1st SEC

DE - G-Hard, 3rd overall, 2nd AA, 2nd SEC
DE - Marcus Tillman, 56th overall
DT - Ted Laurent, 26th overall
IL - Jonathon Cornell, 54th overall
OL - Patrick Trahan, 46th overall
FS - Kendrick Lewis 22nd overall, 4th SEC
SS - Johnny Brown, 18th overall

PR - Marshay Green, 4th SEC

Any mistakes, omits, and mispellings are all mine obviously.  Individual rankings apply to draft eligible players only.

This post is a Red Cup Rebellion FanPost. Please don't sue us.

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