Blogpoll Ballot - Ivory Tower

Ghost called me out last week for not "getting the ball rolling" on the Blogpoll ballot, or something.  For that reason, I am going balls-to-the-wall.  No unnumbered pseudo ballot this week.  No sir.  All the games - save Army-Navy - have been played.  There can be no waffling, now.  The regular season is in the bag, and my blogpoll ballot is after the jump.

1.  Alabama Crimson Tide (13-0)

2.  TCU Horned Frogs (12-0)

3.  Cincinnati Bearcats (12-0)

4.  Texas Longhorns (13-0)

5.  Florida Gators (12-1)


Like so many others, I watched the Big 12 Championship and came away with the sinking feeling that its winner has absolutely no chance against Alabama in the BCS National Title game.  Terrance Cody is a different kind of defensive tackle than Ndamukong "Donkey Kong for Heisman" Suh.  Nevertheless, the Alabama defensive front will, obviously, have their way with the Texas offensive front.  So, if this game is over before it has started, why not give someone else a shot?  It might not be more hyped, but an Alabama-TCU or Alabama-Cincinnati game will be a better one.

6.  Boise State Broncos (13-0)

7.  Oregon Ducks (10-2)

8.  Georgia Tech Yellowjackets (11-2)

9.  Ohio State Buckeyes (10-2)

10.  Iowa Hawkeyes (10-2)


Florida squeezes in ahead of Boise State.  For bowl purposes, it's an essentially meaningless distinction.  Meanwhile, Georgia Tech jumps the Big Ten Three, but not the mighty Ducks.  Since the bees found a way to win in spite of C.J. Spiller's 300+ all purpose clinic, I have am confident that the Orange Bowl will be turning "smart school ugly."

11.  Penn State Nittany Lions (10-2)

12.  Virginia Tech Hokies (9-3)

13.  LSU Tigers (9-3)

14.  Miami Hurricanes (9-3)

15.  BYU Mormons (10-2)


With Virginia Tech headed to the Peach Bowl and the Gator Bowl looking like they are going to throw a retirement party for Bobby Bowden, Miami is sliding a long way down the bowl order.  BYU, meanwhile, continues to live on the hype of its quarterback's awesome "I hate Utah" smack.

16.  Arizona Wildcats (8-4)

17.  Wisconsin Badgers (9-3)

18.  West Virginia Mountaineers (9-3)

19.  Stanford Cardinal (8-4)

20.  Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-4)


Arizona is the best 8-4 team in America - mad props from the rest of us for ending USC's dreams of another 10-win season.  Stanford is the next best 8-4 team in America.  As for Nebraska, Role Player and I are now on the "Donkey Kong for Heisman" campaign.

21.  Utah Utes (9-3)

22.  Pitt Panthers (9-3)

23.  Central Michigan Indians or birds or something (11-2)

24.  East Carolina Pirates (9-4) 

25.  Houston Disappointments (10-3)


Hey, look at all those "mid-majors" I have clumped at the bottom of the poll.  I honestly think Central Michigan and East Carolina belong.  I would have dropped Houston, but I am confident that the next team out should be Texas Tech.  Houston beat Texas Tech.  Consequently, I am principle-bound to leave the Cougs right where they are.  And, you can be sure I did not want to do all of this, as I have no doubt that Arkansas will pumped about their season-ending Liberty Bowl victory over a Top 25 team.

Absent from the Top 25, but receiving consideration are Texas Tech, Southern California, Oregon State, Ole Miss, Clemson, and North Carolina. 

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